• Our dog Kennels are custom built to a very high standard to meet all the needs of our doggy guests.
  • We have a mixture of Medium to large size Kennels; our medium Kennels can accommodate 1-2 dogs, our larger size Kennels will comfortably sleep up to 3-4 dogs.
  • All our Kennels have raised beds and comfy blankets to keep our guests warm and comfortable during their stay with us. All kennels have heating i.e. both underfloor heating and also heat lamps.
  • Each Kennel has a sleeping and eating area where fresh water is topped through out the day. Also attached to each Kennel is a secure outside area where dogs can get plenty of fresh air and have good stretch and have a snooze in the sun.
  • Also with the external outside areas to the Kennels we have  large secure grass exercise paddocks where the dogs can have good run and jump and play with any of the toys out  on that day.
  • We also have Kennels which can suit nervous or older dogs. These Kennels are custom built for nervous or older dogs who will have privacy on both the left and right hand side of their exercise run, meaning they can have a pleasant and relaxing stay with us.
  • We never mix dogs when they are been exercised.
  • All our Dog Kennels are power washed every morning with a doggy friendly disinfectant. .
  • We feed both in the morning and evening times. We can also feed per customers instructions. The dry food we feed with is Naturally Hypoallergenic supplied by Arden Grange, upon request we can add wet food to your dog’s menu.
  • We can administer medication as long it is prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon.
  • All of your Dogs Vaccinations need to be up to date including Kennel Cough, and your pets vaccination card must be presented on the day of arrival.