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The Kennels

Each kennel comprises of an indoor kennel attached to its own outside run. There are kennels for smaller type dogs which have underfloor central heating also larger kennels for larger breed of dogs and these have individual heat lamps. The kennels are power hosed out daily both inside and outside using an anti viral product to maintain optimum hygiene standards.

The Cattery

The Cattery offers a high standard of accommodation making it very comfortable for cats. Each kennel has two or three climbing levels for the cats, with sleeping shelves on each level. The Cattery has also underfloor heating. The cattery is washed out daily also using the anti viral product and all feeding bowls for cats and dogs are disenfected daily. Woodchip is used for the litter trays and changed at least daily.


We  offer a variety of different types of food including puppy, senior and diet. We feed with a Hypoallergenic dry food but we will also feed your own food if supplied.


We are happy to administer oral medication as long as it can be mixed with food.

All dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated. We also require that dogs are vaccinated against kennel cough. Vaccination certificates will be required for inspection when checking a cat or dog into the kennels.
To ensure your dog and cat are fully covered and in the correct amount of time for the vaccine to become active in the system, please discuss with your own Vet.